Tarot Card: The Fool

The Fool is the card of innocence, spontaneity and instinctive leaping. It is represented by the number Zero. The number with unlimited potential. A circle. A womb.

The Fool is misunderstood. They are not a fool at all! Foolish is just the outside gaze upon this person. The fool is in fact so wise because they are listening to themself. Listening to their inner knowing. This is a soul leap they are taking. This is an invitation to a new cycle of our lives, our businesses and our growth,

We are leaping together. Leaping without seeing. You are trusting yourself, your instincts. Leaping out of the nests. You are taking a risk, doing something difficult. Putting yourself out there. Introducing yourself on our call or in our facebook group. Deciding to take this much time for yourself.  Making yourself vulnerable and pushing your boundaries into what might feel really uncomfortable. Why? Because we all have to embody The Fool to grow. Being baby birds and ‘just jumping’ out of the nest is the kind of risk that true expansion takes.

The Fool card traditionally shows a person about to walk off of the edge of a cliff. They are gazing up and they do not seem even the slightest bit stressed about the fact that they are walking off this cliff. They carry a flower in one hand which I like to believe represents our belief in ourself, our innocence and that life is beautiful. They carry a bindle in the other hand which is full of the basics of what we need to make our leap (note that it’s not that much #konmari) and is also sometimes interpreted as the collective unconscious or even as our ancestors that are always with us even when no one else is. I also like to believe there’s a cliff bar in there just cause I like cheesy jokes. There’s a dog following, nipping and playing with The Fool. The dog represent that outward gaze of them as the fool and yet the dog helps them to leap as well. There is a big bright sun on a beautiful day. A great day to begin.

As you gather for this journey ask yourself when are the times that you’ve lept in the past that served you? What comes up for you when you try to take a leap that others might deem “foolish’? When have you been your most daring, most risk taking self?

Below is a basic 1 card spread for you to do for yourself and this journey.